Web3 and Blockchain are an amazing combination and put in evidence a potential way on how our society can interact with each other in a respectful and secure way with a proven layer of privacy, but the main problem is the people still don't get that idea, for most web2 users it's not easy to process the concept of "dealing with tokens" as a replacement for "the regular money" or "self custody" for their funds.

We are building a new kind wallet that will make user's life easier while enabling the use case of crypto in the daily live. Let's go step by step with the idea. First, let's analyze a wallet in layers:

Layer1: basic features

Ned Wallet enables all the basic features a wallet should have, just to mention a few listing coins (aka tokens), transfers, swaps, wallet management, scan QR to send, NFTs listing and many more. This is layer that any wallet should have to be considered a wallet, but even in this layer there is a complexity for the user to manage all those features and every wallet resolve it in its own unique way.

Ned features in this layer are:

  • Coins list/detail/transactions
  • NFTs list/detail/send/receive
  • Wallets creation/restore/add/delete/edit
  • QR scan
  • Swaps

Layer 2: upgraded features (on top of basic functionality)

This is what every wallet add to their basic features, for example, listing NFTs, token scam recognition, improved transaction details and so on, this is where the the things start to get interesting, this is the layer where users feel the craftsmanship of every team.

Ned features in this layer are:

  • Coins price/chart
  • NFTs marketplace listing/cancel/edit
  • Wallet private key backup on Apple/Android (if users enable the feature)

Layer 3: advanced features

This is the layer where every wallet becomes unique, every wallet has its own particular set of advanced features, just to mention a few, investments, xNFTs, social recovery and so on. This is where every wallet analyze their goals and implement features that are related to them and what their users are expecting. In this layer we can implement almost anything,

Ned features in this layer are:

  • Staking (direct and protocols)
  • Investments (own contracts and protocols)
  • Savings (spare change/recurring transfer)
  • Cross-chain transfers

In Ned we are focused on functionality + UX, we are in the software industry for around 15 years and we have seen how the things have changed and the pain points that some of them still exist, that's why our implementation is focused on make our user's live easier.

These 3 layers are a way to group to functionalities the way we see them, the functionality can be extended and/or improved but for now give us an idea on what we are building. We want to push the limits of each layer to extend our solution in such a way our users find value using the wallet, more than just signing transactions in a web3 project, which take us to our next topic, payments.


Ned Finance enables merchants to receive payments through crypto using our friendly DeFi plugins and portal. Every business in earth that has a wallet can accept payments in crypto using our solutions which bring a cool idea on layer 3, rewards.

Ned Wallet has a rewards program integrated that help business to improve their engagement, NFTs coupons allow users to redeem exclusive offers in business integrated with Ned Finance.

Have you seen how we have approached to the "regular money" idea using "self custody"? Yes, that's our core, using a wallet that brings you the power of web3 without even noticing the complexity behind the scenes, and that's our goal, give our users the best experience, empower them with tools to get more from DeFi and enabling business to receive put a step into web3 and blockchain.

But wait! there is more...

We are a DeFi project, a real one, that's why are governance model is based on a DAO, where holders will take decisions over the future of the project.

See you soon!

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