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Marco Ordoñez
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Marco Ordoñez

The Complete Guide to NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity recently. As a DeFi user, you may be wondering what NFTs are all about and how they relate to decentralized finance.

Marco Ordoñez

Ned Finance won Solana OPOS hackathon Jupiter track 🎉

Yeah baby! that's right, we are so proud to announce we won the Solana OPOS hackathon ( One of the most important things for us is the validation we could achieve on our idea, we had the opportunity to test it and the community spoke, we are...

Marco Ordoñez

Why an all-in-one DeFi Wallet?

Web3 and Blockchain are an amazing combination and put in evidence a potential way on how our society can interact with each other in a respectful and secure way with a proven layer of privacy, but the main problem is the people still don't get that idea, for most web2...

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